At Mercury, supporting our team members’ health goes far beyond offering medical, dental, and vision coverage. To help you feel your best, we offer the following programs and resources.

My Health

My Health through Limeade makes it easier and more rewarding to take care of your health. It's completely confidential and free of cost to you.

See what you can achieve

Whatever your current health status may be, the Limeade program has something for you.

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Get motivated by participating in fun health challenges.
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Access tools and support to help you make healthier choices, including educational webinars and financial workshops.
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Earn financial incentives by participating in well-being program challenges and activities.

In the 2023/24 program, all Team-members who complete the Wellbeing Assessment (My Health activity) and earn enough points will be able to earn up to $500 in level incentives. Spouses are eligible to earn up to $200. Spouses are also required to complete the Wellbeing Assessment.

Team Member who completes the Wellbeing Assessment can earn:




Get Started 500 $250 Wellbeing Incentive
Pick Up the Pace 1,000 Total of $350 Wellbeing Incentive
Go the Distance 1,500 Total of $500 Wellbeing Incentive
Lead the Way 2,000 My Health item and entry into a drawing for a wellness day off! (3 winners)
Wellbeing Champion 5,000 My Health Wellbeing Champion Certificate

Spouse who completes the Wellbeing Assessment can earn:




Get Started 500 $100 Wellbeing Incentive
Pick Up the Pace 1,000 Total of $150 Wellbeing Incentive
Go the Distance 1,500 Total of $200 Wellbeing Incentive
Lead the Way 2,000 My Health item
Wellbeing Champion 5,000 My Health Wellbeing Champion Certificate


Lyra offers emotional well-being services for you and your eligible dependents, all at no cost to you. Whether you’re feeling stressed, overwhelmed, are struggling in a relationship, or have a child who needs support, Lyra can help. All team members and their dependents can receive up to 16 free sessions per year. 

Lyra's services include:

  • Therapy
  • Coaching programs
  • Self-care apps

Get started on the Lyra site. Support is available online, via live video, and in person.

Lyra Learn

Lyra Learn is an eLearning platform.

Lyra Learn key features

Build strategies to help improve your emotional well-being at work and home with Lyra Learn, an eLearning platform created by Lyra’s team of mental health experts:

On-Demand Courses and Live Workshops

Explore unlimited on-demand courses and live monthly workshops taught by Lyra mental health professionals.

Each curated course has 5-8 chapters that include bite-sized videos, knowledge checks, and resources to allow you to learn at your own pace.

Topics include:

  • Getting better sleep
  • Managing your stress
  • Race, injustice and mental health
  • Parenting in the real world
  • Minding your mental health
  • Soaring past setbacks

Engage in Gatherings — virtual listening and discussion sessions on thought-provoking topics related to mental health, current events, diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging.

Each Gathering is a supportive space led by a clinical topic expert. Attendance is limited to ensure an intimate, small-group experience.

 Get Started!
      1. Visit learn.lyrahealth.com
      2. Click on “Register” and add your information
      3. Enter customer code: @mercury935
      4. Check your email for the confirmation link
      5. Confirm and sign in to start learning


Contact learnadmin@lyrahealth.com for support.

ACI Work-Life Services

ACI’s Work-Life Services provide a variety of benefits and professional services related to work-life to reduce stress and make life easier at no cost to eligible team members, and eligible dependents, including your spouse, children, parents, and parents-in-law. Learn more at mercury.acieap.com.

Newfront Answers

Newfront Answers gives members and their enrolled dependents access to a dedicated team of individuals who are standing by 24/7, 365 days a year to help with benefits related questions. The Newfront Answers team is highly trained and ready to guide you through your enrollment process, answer those tough benefit questions, assist you with life events and much more!

The services available to members and their enrolled dependents include:

  • Benefits Plan Review
  • Benefits Portal
  • Open Enrollment Support
  • Prescription Assistance
  • Qualifying Life Event
  • Expedited Enrollment
  • Provider Search
  • Claims Review
  • Eligibility
  • Employee Cost Share
  • HSA and FSA Questions

For more information, call 866-209-4866, or email mercury@answers.newfront.com

Need Medicare Support?

Employees and any family members or 
friends who need Medicare assistance can get a personalized, one-on-one Medicare plan consultation by Employee Senior Care Solutions (ESS) at no cost!


Virta is a clinically proven treatment that reverses type 2 diabetes. Patients reduce blood sugar and diabetes medications, while losing weight and regaining the energy they need to do the things they love. Virta is available to employees and spouses who are enrolled in a Mercury medical plan. Learn more at Virta.

Virta Podcast: Here are the places you can listen to "Your Life, Reset"


PerkSpot provides employees with exclusive discounts to 900+ local and national merchants, at no cost to you! 

Access discounts in several categories, such as:

  • Apparel
  • Automotive
  • Health & Wellness
  • Home, Garden & Pets
  • Computer & Electronics
  • Cell Phones
  • Flowers & Gifts
  • Tickets & Entertainment
  • Travel & Hotels

Mercury team members who would like to sign up for PerkSpot can register with their email by visiting: http://newfront.perkspot.com/. Questions? PerkSpot can be reached by calling 866-606-6057 or emailing .