Putting Your Well-being First

To help you and your family get the care and support you need during these challenging times, we’ve created this helpful summary of Mercury benefits and resources that may be especially valuable to you right now. For the latest information about how Mercury is managing the coronavirus situation, please visit UKG.


Health Benefits


Take advantage of your medical plan’s telehealth service. Avoid going into a doctor’s office, urgent care center, or hospital — receive care right from your home instead. With telehealth, you have access to board-certified physicians 24/7, 365 days a year. Get fast, convenient diagnosis and treatment for many common medical conditions through video consult on your smartphone or computer.

Visit the blueshieldca.com/teladoc website or call 800-TELADOC (835-2362) to get started.

Blue Shield NurseHelp 24/7

If you’re enrolled in a Blue Shield medical plan, the NurseHelp 24/7 is available to answer your health questions and help you get the most out of your coverage — confidentially and at no cost to you. Nurses can guide you to the right care for a health problem; coordinate services before, during, and after a hospital stay; or support you while you work toward a health goal. Call 855-747-5800 to reach a nurse.

Medical Coverage

Your medical plan is always available to support you and your covered family members with comprehensive coverage. All our medical plans include an out-of-pocket maximum to protect what you pay if you need extensive care, such as a long hospital stay.

Visit your plan's COVID-19 site for coverage details:

  • Blue Shield (see Coronavirus Resource Center on the home page)
  • Kaiser (see COVID-19 Resources on the home page)

For more information, review your medical plan comparison chart, and see Medical Resources for information about programs and resources available to you.

Supplemental Medical Coverage

If you are enrolled in a Hospital Indemnity plan and need to be hospitalized, you’ll receive a cash benefit paid directly to you, regardless of how much of your costs your medical plan has covered.

Learn more about the Hospital Indemnity plan. You can also visit the Cigna website or call 800-754-3207.

Prescription Drug Coverage

Take advantage of Blue Shield’s mail service pharmacy to receive a 90-day supply of your maintenance medication without needing to leave your home. See Prescription Drugs for details.

Making changes to your health coverage

If you experience a qualifying life event — such as if your spouse loses his or her employer benefits, or if you have a baby or get married — you can make changes to your benefits coverage within 30 days of the event. Keep in mind that the changes must be related to your event. For example, if your spouse loses benefits coverage and you’re not currently enrolled in a Mercury medical plan, you can newly enroll yourself and any eligible dependents; if you are already enrolled in a Mercury medical plan, you can add your spouse to your current plan, but you cannot change which plan you are currently enrolled in. To change your benefits enrollment, visit the UKG website or call 877-716-6372​, option 3​.

Health Advocacy Services

Get free, personalized assistance to help you navigate the health care system, from understanding claims to finding providers and negotiating fees. Available to you and your family members, this service can save you time and money.

Visit the Health Advocate website or call 866-695-8622. Follow the steps to register. You can also access recorded webinars.

Check out these helpful Health Advocate resources and flyers:

General health

Kids and family

Your work


Well-being & Life Assistance

Work-Life Resources

You have access to the following Employee Assistance Program resources:

  • HealthYMail Blog: Access all of ACI’s newsletters.
  • COVID-19 Resources Page: Includes resources for mental health support, work-life referrals, and financial consultation. ACI Specialty Benefits offers a variety of resources to support emotional well-being, reduce stress, and improve resilience in the face of challenging situations.
  • School supplies: Finding all the basics, as well as extra face masks, hand sanitizers, and at-home learning tools like laptops and headphones, printers, and paper.
  • Child care: Referrals for local child care options; apps to connect with child care providers like Winnie, Komae and Helpr; as well as a directory of options from ACI Specialty Benefits.
  • Pre-school options: Search for pre-schools near you, and take advantage of networks including Wonderschool, NeighborSchools, WeeCare and MyVillage.
  • Distance learning and tutoring referrals: Finding educational resources for all ages, grades and subject areas to support homeschooling and distance learning efforts.

For personalized referrals, reach out today at 800-932-0034 or through ACI Specialty Benefits.

My Health

Now more than ever, it’s important to make your health a priority. Take care of your physical and emotional well-being by staying active, eating healthy, and managing stress. My Health, our well-being program, offers a variety of resources and activities to help you. And, you can earn rewards for taking healthy actions, which will help your financial well-being, too!

Learn more about My Health.

Class Pass Through Kaiser

With gym closures and physical distancing, it can be a challenge to stay physically and mentally healthy right now. That’s why Kaiser teamed up with fitness industry leader ClassPass to make it easier for their members to exercise from the comfort of their homes.

With ClassPass, Kaiser Permanente members can get:

  • Online video workouts at no cost— 4,000+ on-demand fitness classes, including cardio, dance, meditation, and more.
  • Discounts on livestream fitness classes— Real-time online classes, like bootcamp, yoga, and pilates, from top gyms and fitness studios.

Mercury Zoom Wellness Activities

Join our once-per-week 15-minute session on Tuesdays with Jillian Szafranski (she’s fit, funny and inspiring!) Sessions are open to all team members and families.


Financial Benefits

Short-Term Disability

If you get sick and need to be out of work for an extended period of time, short-term disability can help replace your lost income. The maximum outside of California is $1,300 per week, for a maximum of 25 weeks. Note: Team members in California have access to state disability insurance.

Mercury 401(k) Plan

The coronavirus outbreak has caused a great deal of volatility in the financial markets, which probably has you worried about the health of your retirement savings. While these are certainly unprecedented times, history has proven that the worst thing you can do right now is panic. Fidelity’s investment expertise and trusted guidance can give you the confidence to continue on the path toward your retirement goals.

Visit the Fidelity website to learn more or call 800-835-5095.